Ukulele Jam Book 1 - PDF
Lyric sheets with chords for 48 songs at a beginner level
We play these songs regularly at uke jams, so it’s a good place to start

Ukulele Jam Book 2 - (U2) - PDF
48 more song sheets, a bit more difficult sometimes

Ukulele Jam Book 3 - (Threedom) PDF
48 songs, some more difficult and some anthems

Ukulele Jam Book 4 - (Fourtitude) PDF
48 songs from the 2020 Virtual Hygenic Ukulele Open Mics


Eleven Angry Songs For Ukulele - PDF
Songs by Carmen Borgia

Grateful Dead American Beauty play along book - PDF
Just play along, now

Gospel Songs For Ukulele - PDF
Fourteen gospel songs that favor the uke

A bunch of Beatles charts from the internets - PDF

Christmas Songs - PDF

If you have songs you’d like to contribute, bring them to a jam or send them to this site.

This is a teaching site, some of the material may be copyrighted, if anyone has issues let me know and I’ll take things down.